Trying Out a New Harley Davidson

I had owned a Harley bike many years ago and I wanted to get back to riding my Harley once again. There was only one way to do this and I decided to head on over to my local Harley Davidson dealer to see what the new models looked like. I have to admit that I was pretty impressed by what I saw. The new Harleys are built as well as the older models, but have an extensive array of features that I had never seen before.So I decided to take one for a test drive and see if the feel was still there.

Once I started that engine, the old Harley feeling immediately came back to me. It was the feeling that you get when you’re out on the open road with the wind in your face. There is just no way to describe it. It’s the feeling of freedom that nothing else can match. I was immediately sold on buying that bike! I arranged for financing and soon I was the proud owner of a new Harley. All of my friends were curious and, I suspect, a little bit jealous of my new Harley. I’m truly glad that I decided to buy this bike!





Starting My Own Harley Store

I had always dreamed of having my own Harley Davidson store and it looked like I was finally going to have a chance to do just that. It took many months of planning and negotiations and savings, but everything was coming together. I had all the loans in place and the location was just perfect. I had been in contact with Harley Davidson for quite some time and had met all of their requirements.The stage was set, now all I needed to do was to get my employees together and prepare for the grand opening. Everyone was very excited about all of this.

I had a full range of genuine Harley Davidson parts in stock and I would certainly never carry anything that wasn’t genuine Harley. My future customers would be just like me and demand only the best when it comes to the items that they use torepair and accessorize their Harleys. I was committed to making sure that they got what they wanted. In my opinion, this  is the only way that you have a dedicated following of Harley Davidson enthusiasts. Once my doors opened, there was an immediate influx of Harley customers who were curious as to what I had to offer.






The Most Affordable Harley Bikes

When it comes to finding the most affordable Harley Davidson bikes, I find that looking through the newspapers and checking out the private owner motorcycle sales to be the best bet for finding a good value! This is where I have always seen the best prices and the bikes are always in good condition. That’s because Harley owners take good care of their bikes and have formed a love affair with Harley Davidson over the years. I know that this is the way that I look at my own Harley bike, so I’m not surprised. This year, I plan on buying a new Harley.

Finding a brand new Harley bike is not something that I’m all that interested in. I’m on the lookout for the classic models that might  come up for sale at an estate auction or similar sales. I’ve even seen some classic Harleys at garage sales! This was completely unexpected and I was stunned to see something like that offered at a bargain price. In one case, the Harley was from the 1950s and in perfect shape! This is, of course, not something that you run into every day – but when you do, it’s something that you remember.