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Every time I open my checkbook I see my Harley Davidson Checks and smile. I love these new Harley Davidson checks because they reflect my personality and are a great way to show off my favorite pastime. I absolutely love my Harley, and whenever I write a check at the grocery store, everybody knows it. From the famous Harley Davidson logo, to the mammoth engine and the kickstand, there is nothing cooler. I love these checks. I want everything that I own and use every day to reflect some small part of me in some way, and having these customized checks definitely fits the bill. I love to carry them around and show my friends and coworkers. I actually find myself looking forward to the next time I have to spend a little money or pay one of my bills because it means I get to use one of my checks and see my awesome Harley Davidson again. Most people think of checks as these boring paper notes that have nothing to do with your life or your personality, they’re just for paying bills and rent with. Not anymore. They don’t have to be.

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I really can’t say enough good things about my Harley Davidson checks. Some people get tattoos, bumper stickers, or hood ornaments to show off their favorite things, but I prefer my checks. I can reorder the same ones as many times as I like, and best of all, when I use them in person, I get really positive comments about them, which usually leads to a conversation about Harley Davidson motorcycles. Harley Davidson motorcycles are the coolest bikes in the world. I wouldn’t trade mine for anything. That’s why I love my checks so much. They are a constant reminder of the gem sitting in my garage waiting for a fun weekend I have free. There is so much to brag on about these checks. Anyone with a passion like mine should try to order some personalized checks like these that demonstrate to the world our devotion to our hobbies. I discovered Harley Davidson motorcycles in my mid twenties, and I’ve never looked back. It’s the coolest hobby in the world. A lot of people ask where they can get their personalized checks, so I tell them. Order them from your bank, or have a check company get your account info from your bank institution so you can have an awesome set of Harley Davidson checks like mine.

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Do You Know Where to Get Harleys Online?

Do you know how to save money when it comes to buying your new Harley Davidson bike? Well, all it really takes is a little patience and some knowledge about how to use a search engine. In my case, I had been shopping online for quite a while and so I knew the ins and out of how to save money online. This happens because there is a lot of competition when it comes to selling items on the Internet. This leads to some great discounts.

But it can also lead to some issues when it comes to getting quality merchandise. So, I’m going to let you in on a couple of secret tips that can make your online shopping experience a lot more enjoyable while you’re also saving a bundle. By the way, in addition to my new motorcycle, I picked up some cool personal checks with vintage bikes on them! But right now, I’ll focus on the Harley bike that I bought. The first thing that I did was to sit down at my PC and get online. Then I typed in the appropriate keywords.

This led me to a couple of websites that advertised both new and used motorcycles that were being sold by dealerships and by private individuals. Needless to say, there was a huge variety of bikes and a huge differences in the prices. So I needed to look a bit more online in order to see what the fair prices were for the models that I was interested in. Once I did that, I created a spread sheet in order to keep track of my research. The next thing that I did was to check out the folks who were selling these bikes.

As it turned out, the best deals for Harleys were being offered by individuals rather than from the stores. Plus, there was an added factor, since these bikes were vintage models and Harley owners are known for taking good care of bikes. So I looked over those options and eventually I got in contact with a couple of owners with great looking bikes. But it’s also a good idea to pay the owners a visit before you send any money online. Asa matter of fact, in situations like this, I prefer to make my payment in person.





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Neat Harley Davidson Accessories

There are all sorts of amazingly nice Harley Davidson accessories, from clothing fashions to things that you would use in everyday life, such as persona checks or clothing items. As for me, I have an entire wardrobe of Harley clothes. But that’s because I’ve been riding Harleys for just about all of my adult life! Of course, I’ve ridden other types of motorcycles, but nothing beats a Harley – absolutely nothing! I guess that’s just one of the reasons that my morning coffee cup has the Harley logo on it.

Interestingly enough, I have a bike jacket collection that stretches back into the 1950s. I’ve been told that some of these jackets are actually worth a lot of money, like the jacket that is the same as the one worn by Marlon Brando in “The Wild One”. However, I  believe that Marlon rode a Triumph in that movie (it was his own person bike) – but I’ll forgive him for that. The jacket was way cool.  In my collection, however, each jacket has the Harley logo on it and says “Harley Davidson” on the back. That’s what makes them valuable.

I also use personal checks that show motorcycles on them, as well. These checks are great ice breakers when it comes to meeting others who are interested in biking, just like I am. Actually.  I’ve made a few good friends this way! Some of us get together on the weekends and plan trips with our families. Since I happen to live in Albuquerque, N.M., taking a ride up to Colorado makes for a great weekend. You get the chance to ride up in the mountains and take in some really beautiful scenery instead of being stuck in the city.

I guess you can say that there is an entire motorcycle club culture out there.  You may never suspect that the well-dressed businessman, in your local bank, might be found on the open road – dressed as a traditional biker and riding his Harley! But that’s really the way it is and I wouldn’t have it any other way. When it comes to the open road, there is a sense of freedom that is unmatched just about anywhere else. You get to leave the cares of your finances and job worries behind and just feel the wind in your face. That’s my life!

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My Passion for Harleys

I’ve been restoring old Harleys for a number of years. It’s my one true passion in life and I actually earn a good living at it. I think one of the things that has helped me to become so successful at it is the fact that I take this very seriously. I only use the best, genuine parts and I take the time to do it right. This is not something that you’ll just find anywhere. A lot of people that I have spoken with have related various horror stories involving their encounters with so-called “expert” Harley repair mechanics.

It appears that it’s not all that hard to find unscrupulous mechanics that use substandard parts that aren’t genuine and then do a sloppy job to boot. well, that’s not me. I have loved these bikes since the first time I found myself riding a powerful Harley on the open road. I even collect pictures of older Harleys. How’s that for dedication? Anyway, my personal collection of restored Harleys is really something to see. With the success of my restoration and repair business, I can afford to have a few bikes of my own.

But here’s the deal when it comes to Harley bikes. There’s just no other motorcycle like them! You may find that a bit hard to believe if you’ve never been on one – but it’s true. Even though motorcycles may look the same (in some regards) and run according to the same laws of physics, a Harley is a bit different. The engine feels completely unique. If I was blindfolded and placed on several different type of bikes, I could pick out the Harley by the feel of the engine. And it’s not because I work on them, either. Anyone could do it!

I can understand those that just want a good quality bike to get around town on. I have no problem with that. If the bike needs repair – just bring it to any qualified mechanic. But if you have just acquired a 1969 Harley Electra Glide that needs to be restored – then you bring it to me. That’s the difference, right there. For the mechanic that fixes an everyday bike for the commuter, it’s a job. When it comes to my Harley restorations and repairs – it’s a passion. And it will be a passion for the rest of my life.

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